Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Discernment ~

Just yesterday evening Kaylee was playing a Nitendo DS game, one that we thought was very educational. One that she solved math problems, puzzles and other different things through this adventure. Well, this game took a turn that she did not like, in fact, scared her. The visual picture (she asked me not to share it) was enough to make her put it down.

Dan was at work and I was outside watering at the time. She came out and said that her stomach was hurting and I told her to just lay down and I would be in in a minute. (She didn't mention why) So after I came inside, not thinking much about her stomach, she came out of her room and wanted to talk about it. She starts telling me about the Nitendo game and what had happened, and this fear that I've never seen in my daughter's eyes before, made me really pay attention. She was talking so fast and really holding back tears, I felt so bad for her! As you can see we are very careful of what she watches and listens to.

Now, here's the blessing that I was so grateful for. She says, "So, I turned it off and put it in "your" room on your dresser." Now maybe some of you might say, okay . . . so, she got scared. Part of it, yes. But what I told her, is that she had discernment in her time of fear.
I used this God-given teachable moment, to share with her that when we are in a situation that we need the holy spirit to speak to us and we are listening, that we can have discernment and make the right decisions.
For her age, I think this was a good example for her to learn more about fear and discernment, to be reminded of who brings fear to us and who does not. But later it will be something bigger and she will need to know how to deal with the peer pressure that will come in many forms.
Now is the time to talk AND listen to our kids about anything and everything that they can handle regarding these topics, within their appropriate ages. Making God the center of it with prayer and His word. Pray for your children everyday, they need good parents more than ever!

Attached is a video from Vicki Courtney's blog. As she says, you might need a tissue.

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