Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Healthy Challenge!

Just a quick note to those of you up for a fun challenge!

If you'd like to jump over to my friend Robynn's blog, you'll find a

boat load of healthy info. And also some...other information! She's a fun gal!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Back In The Swing...With A Little View Of Our Summer ~

I know, I know, I start a blog and then I STOP! What's with that?
We'll, a little sleep deprivation, family time, VBS, Robotics Class, church camp, some study time, and of course we can't leave out the dreaded Kidney Stone episode to top off the summer!
Not much of a rested summer that I was hoping for!
Anyway, Kay Kay and Mom are back! And happy that those few who do read, asked!
We started school yesterday! Yay! I was hoping to start last week but a couple of set backs, one being, Kaylee and I had colds the past couple of weeks. It's nice to be back on a schedule.

Just a couple of pics from me and a few more from Kay Kay below. She celebrated her birthday on July 29th, she is the big 11 now! Yikes!

Our Kay Kay is 11 NOW!

Family B-Day Time

Our Cool 11 Year Old!

I'm currently taking a class that has required a lot of reading. When I have the time, I love to read! Reading is one of the special bonds between me and Kay Kay, we LOVE reading together. Although, she devours books like I devour chocolate these days, so our reading together has slowed some.
You may have heard of the book I'm reading right now, "The Life You've Always Wanted" by John Ortberg. It's about spiritual disciplines.

One part in the book he talks about "Pseudo-Transformation". It's just a little something I thought was worth sharing. I certainly felt the tug in my heart and believe that God would love to see this action in more Christian's today.

"The great danger that arises when we don't experience authentic transformation is that we will settle for what might be called pseudo-transformation. We know that as Christians we are called to "come out and be separate," that our faith and spiritual commitment should make us different somehow. But if we are not marked by greater and greater amounts of love and joy, we will inevitably look for substitute ways of distinguishing ourselves from those who are not Christians. This deep pattern is almost inescapable for religious people: If we do not become changed from the inside-out - if we don't morph - we will be tempted to find external methods to satisfy our need to feel that we're different from those outside the faith. If we cannot be transformed, we will settle for being informed or conformed."
Definition of "Pseudo"
Not actually but having the appearance of; pretend; false or spurious; sham; counterfeit.

He goes on through the book and talks about abundant LOVE and JOY!

He shares, "God is the happiest being in the universe. Joy is his eternal destiny."
So, as Christian's . . . why are we not so happy, full of joy, more loving, less critical, less judgemental? We are not TRANSFORMED people! Yes . . . he also iterates that "Joy is hard to do sometimes. We must make a conscious effort to practice joy. God's intent was that his creation would mirror his joy."
As Christian's, we are called by God to be joyful and loving, especially towards one another. Especially, towards those who have not yet made a commitment to Jesus!
Today. . . are you joyful? Are you mirroring God's joy? His love?
If you are, spread it like a wildfire and help those who have not yet made a choice to become a
Christian, have a reason to want to. If you struggle with joy . . . well it's time for some practice.
Let's MORPH!
Hope you have a joyous day!
Blessings, Kim

Hey! Kay Kay is back! I can't believe school has finally begun! After a long (excuse me, but did I say long? I really meant short!) summer, I realized that shoving a bunch of things in really is possible!
I think that my birthday party was one of the most fun things this summer
I had a slumber party and we ate pizza and Tie-dyed T-shirts. Then, we built our own ice cream sundaes and played on the Wii. We had so much fun that night snuggling in our sleeping bags and eating popcorn while watching Bolt. Here are some fun pics from that night:

Beautiful Birthday Dinner

Hurry up and spin the spinner already!

Us girls being silly

So many colors!

Me, Sage, and Saira ready to watch fireworks

I caught these when my dad took me fishing

The Big One that almost got away!

With love,