Friday, September 11, 2009

Are you ready . . . Are you READY . . . FOR SOME FOOTBALL?

Welcome to one of my most favorite times of the season . . . FOOTBALL SEASON!!

Thanks to my Dad . . . and my brother Jeff . . . I came to love this game by no choice of my own!

When there is only one T.V. in the home and it seems to be stuck on ONE channel all
afternoon . . . well, you learn to love football.

So every season, from my freshman year in high school till now, (give or take a few seasons) I continued to enjoy football and found my own team to follow. Yes, I love watching the SAN DIEGO CHARGERS!! GO CHARGERS!! This is your year!

Now, for those of you who don't care for San Diego, please take a look at the last few seasons and the great run that they've had. Not too bad . . . and hoping for another good year, maybe to the Superbowl! :)

I love the game and I love my family who seems to support me when my team is at their best or not so best.

From my husband and daughter who put up with the sudden bursts of screams whenever a touch down is made . . . to a call from one of my family members saying "we'll their looking good today!" Sometimes, not good, but that's OK too. It's a joy for me!

I probably just lost all my girlfriends who think I turned in my princess sneaker's for a man's football jacket and cleats!! Don't worry, I'm all girl . . . just lovin me a football game!

This is my Official NFL Jacket my family bought for me about 14 years ago and I do wear it proudly, not as often as I should but I still LOVE IT! It's hot to wear in the valley!

I get to harass my brother with it, he's a Ram's fan :0 And my dad is a 49er's fan :0

This is me trying to do a tough growl! LOL (45 year old woman trying to act tough!!??)

Look at me laughing ;) . . . oh my!!

I have to say I do love their logo!

Fun Times!

OK . . . this is as normal as I get!

So does anybody here like (love) football? If you so, what is your favorite team?

Or do you despise it? Share with me!
But do remember . . . Jesus is the only true thing to get excited over!
Love Him, Know Him, Live for Him!
Blessings, Kim

P.S. Kaylee will be back over the weekend to add her part for this post. She is having fun at
an overnight campout at our church!