Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year Everyone!
Here are a few pics from the end of 2009 . . .

Happy birthday to me . . ! My sis, being the great cake maker that she is, made me this awesome Chargers cake for my b-day. I requested it and she came through, I loved it!
Thanks Sis!The Chargers have made their way to the playoffs, again!
Let's pray they make it to the Superbowl this year!

Kaylee and a friend baking some Gingerbread Christmas cookies together.
They have known each other since pre-school! They're 11 now!

I made my first Mini Tortes. They were very fun!

For those of you familiar with Pioneer Woman, these are her Apricot Bars.
They were yummy too!

Enough about the baking . . . here is our little Sunshine, she got a Snuggie for Christmas.
She doesn't usually like things on her but she loves to cuddle in the winter, so she absolutely loves her Snuggie!

So now for the New Year!
With a brand new daily devotional and a new year ahead, I'm anxious to see what God has in store. With our goals set individually and as a family, and with God before us, then it's sure to be a great year!

May the Lord Bless you this New Year!


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