Monday, May 17, 2010


Here we come!

This past week Kaylee decided she wanted her ears pierced.
So we gave her a thumbs up and told her that would be a fun thing for her to do.
On Saturday, that was the big plan of the day!
She was soooo excited, that's all she could talk about all week!!

She did get a little nervous when we got there, but got through it fine and without a flinch!
(Silly me forgot the camera in the car so these are after, at home pics.)

She is enjoying it and cannot wait to change them out in 6 weeks!


  1. Oh I remember this day for Bo so well! She was ten and had wanted it done since she was seven. I made her wait until double digits which, at the time, seemed so mature to me. HAHAHAHAHA! So glad she did well and she looks lovely! You're in for FUN TIMES, girly, with all those pretty choices! :) Congratulations on that feminine rite-of-passage!

  2. Beautiful, Kaylee! I can just feel your excitement through these pictures! So happy for you! :)