Wednesday, May 5, 2010


These pics have been in archives due to no time to blog. I'll just shoot them out there!
First up . . . Kaylee went to her first Christian Concert,
and so glad we picked this venue for her first!
The Rock and Worship Road Show . . . it was a blast!
If you've ever been to Spirit West Coast, its a short version of it.
About 7 bands played and it was only $10.00 per person, yes, $10.00! Awesome deal!
She loves Francesca Battistelli, so she was looking forward to it and she did not disappoint! Kaylee had a great time!
One of the bands toward the beginning was Family Force Five. I texted my hubby and told him, "I am no longer a teenager!" Could not understand one word of what they were singing!
I loved worshiping with Mercy Me. Boy did he ever lead us into worship! It was a neat experience with the whole arena full of people just worshiping the Lord! Very talented group of people! Fun memory!

Tired girl, but having fun!

Francesca ~ She had just found out she's expecting her fist baby!
But she did not announce it that night we heard it later.

Mercy Me ~ Just AWESOME!!
Sang a couple of their new songs from new album.

Next, I'm so excited . . . I have a TON of growth on my dwarf tangerine tree this year!
I think due to the lack of bees around here last year, there was no pollination going on, so we didn't even have ONE bloom. So, thank you Lord, it will be fun.

Dan and Kaylee planted peas and cucumbers.
They are a lot bigger than this now!

Here they decided strawberries in hanging baskets as well as tomatoes(no pick).
So hopefully we'll have some fun harvesting this year!

So, if you're reading my little blog and you have some planting you've done already and would like to share, please do! Would love to read about it!
God bless you and happy Spring!

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